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Chile is recognized as a world-class destination for Fly-fishing. We want to invite you to enjoy a superb fishing trip to Patagonia, one of the most pristine locations for anglers in Chile.

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In Aysen Rivers Outfitter, we know the best rivers, streams and lakes in the Aysen Region. Here, you will be introduced to the various cultures and life style of Patagonia as we travel.

We are a family-owned fly fishing company based in Coyhaique, the capital town of Chilean Patagonia.

Coyhaique is one of Chile's safest yet most remote locations. Over the past decade, it has been home to a rapidly developing fly fishing destination and has been compared favorably to Montana as it existed over a century ago.

 Something About Us

Carlos Dinamarca

Carlos Dinamarca R. founded "ARO". Carlos arrived to Aysen region from the capital city of Chile, Santiago. Since he was 15 years old, he began his passion for fly fishing. Primarily in the small creeks hidden in the central Andes Mountain and later spending several season at the Lake District region, fishing lakes and famous rivers like Puelo and Petrohue.

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If you like, send Carlos an e-mail. He would love to hear from you:


So, fly fishing itineraries are flexible and adaptable to the guest's demands, and even designed not only for anglers that come primarily to fish, but also non fishermen looking for the experience of a lifetime.

Guests looking to enjoy the beauty, culture and people of Chilean Patagonia are more than invited and encouraged.

Come join us and let one of the most experienced local guides in Patagonia take you out fishing!!!!!